Storage Manager in Database

Storage Manager in Database

Storage Manager in Database


The storage manager is important because database typically require a large amount of storage space.So it is very important  efficient  use of storage, and to minimize the  movement of data to and from disk .

A storage manager is a program module that provides the interface between the low-level data stored in the database and the application programs and the queries submitted to the system.

The Storage manager is responsible for the interaction with the file manager.

The Storage manager translates the various DML statements into low level file system commands.

Thus the storage manager is responsible for storing, retrieving, and updating data in the database.

The storage manager components include the following.

  • Authorization and Integrity Manager
  • Transaction Manger
  • File Manager
  • Buffer Manger

The storage manager implements the following data structures as part of the physical system implementation.Data File, Data Dictionary, Indices.Data files stores the database itself. The Data dictionary stores meta data about the structure of database, in particular the schema of the database. Indices provide fast access to data items.