People in a Database System Environment

People in a Database System Environment

People  in a Database System Environment

People component includes all users associated with the database system. On the basis of primary job function we can identify five types of users in a database system: System Administrators, Database Administrators, Data Modelers,System Analysts and Programmers and End Users.

System Administrators
Data Modelers
Database Administrators
System Analysts and Programmers
End Users


System Administrators oversees the database system's general operations.
Data Modelers (Architect) prepare the conceptualdesign from the requirement.ER model represent the conceptual design of an OLTP application.
Database Administrator (DBA) physically implements the database according to the logical design. The DBA performs the physical implementation and maintenance of a database system.
System Analysts and programmers design and implements the application programs. They create the input screens, reports, and procedures through which end users access and manipulate the database.

End Users are the people who use the application. For example incase of a banking system, the employees, customer using ATM or online banking facility are end users.