Prototyping Model

Prototyping Model

After the requirement analysis a quick design is done.That is a working  model of the intended software is constructed.This focuses on a representation of the software that will be visible to the user. This working model of the software is termed as a prototype.This prototype is evaluated by the customer to ensure that all the requirements are incorporated. The prototype will be modified according to the customer's suggestions.This process will  be repeated until  we  get  a  fully functional working  model  that  satisfies all  user  requirements.Ideally prototyping is a mechanism for identifying user requirements.

Iterative Water Fall Model

Iterative Water Fall Model

The Iterative water fall model approach overcomes the problems associated with the waterfall model approach. If any difficulty or problem encounter in any phase may require to go back to the previous phase and perform the required modifications and proceeds sequentially. This backtracking allows to modify any corrections or modifications required in the previous phase.

Software Engineering Paradigms

Software Engineering  Paradigms


The software development strategy  is referred as Software Engineering  Paradigm.The software development strategy consists of methods, tools, and procedures.There exist various software development strategies or process models.

Software Development Models

  • Water Fall Model
  • Iterative Waterfall Model
  • Prototyping Model
  • Evolutionary Model
  • RAD (Rapid Application Development) Model
  • Spiral Model

Each model has its own specific steps for software development.A suitable development model is selected by considering several factors like requirement,application type, application software to be used for development etc




Water Fall Model

Water Fall Model for Software Developement

In waterfall model, we proceed  from one phase to the next in a sequential manner. Requirement Analysis, Design,Implementation, Testing,Deployment and Maintenance are the different sequential phases.That is once the requirement analysis is completed perfectly we proceed towards design phase. When the design is totally completed, the implementation of that design is performed by the coders. After completing the coding, the testing phase begins.The objective of testing is to uncover errors. The next is the deployment maintenance phase.Thus the waterfall model insists that proceed to the next phase only after completing previous phase perfectly. Water   fall  model  is  also  known as classic life cycle  model.

Insertion Sort

Insertion Sort


Input : A sequence of n numbers 

Output : Sorted output, a permutation (reordering) of input sequence.

A black box algorithm for insertion sort is given below.


/* There is an array of A */

S1: Iterate till the end of the array i = 1 to n

S2 : For each i Insert A[i] into correct position in the region A[1] t0 A[i-1]

/* A[ 1 ] to A [i] is sorted. */