Four P's of Software Project Management

 Four P's of Software Project Management

The  effective   software  project  management Focuses  on  four   P's.

  • The  People
  • The  Product
  • The  Process
  • The  Project

The People

The  following categories of people are involved in the software process.

  • Senior  Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Practitioners
  • Customers
  • End Users
Senior  Managers define the  business  issue. Project Managers plan,motivate, Organize  and  control  the  practitioners  who  do  the Software  work.Practitioners deliver  the technical   skills  that  are necessary  to  engineer a  product  or  application.Customer specifies  the  requirements  for  the software  to  be developed.End Users interact  with the  software once  it   is released.

The  Product

Before  a  software  project  is  planned, the  product  objectives  and  scope  should  be  established, technical  and  management   constraints  should   be  identified. Without  this  information  it  is  impossible  to  define   a  reasonable   cost,amount  of  risk   involved,the  project  schedule etc. A  software  project  scope  must  be  unambiguous     and understandable  at  the  management   and   technical    levels. To  develop  a  reasonable project  plan  we  have  to  functionally   decompose  the   problem to  be  solved.


The  Process

Here  the  important  thing  is  to   select   an appropriate  process  model  to  develop  the  software.There  are different  process  models  available.They  are Water  fall  model,Iterative  water fall  model,Prototyping  model,Evolutionary  model,RAD(Rapid  Application  Development) model, Spiral model.In practice we  may  use  any  one  of  the  above    models  or a   combination  of  the  above   models.    


The  Project 

In  order to manage  a  successful  software  project,we  must  understand  what  can  go  wrong (so  that  problems  can be Avoided)and  how to  do it  right. A  project  is  a  series  of steps  where we  need  to  make  accurate  decision  so as to  make  a  successful  project.

Feasibility Study in Software Engineering

Feasibility Study in Software Engineering

The  purpose  of   feasibility study  is  not  to  solve  the  problem,but  to determine  whether   the  problem  is   worth  solving.  This helps to decide whether to proceed with the project or not.

The  feasibility  study concentrates  on  the  following  area. 

  • Operational  Feasibility

  • Technical  Feasibility

  • Economic  Feasibility

Operational  Feasibility

Operational  feasibility  study  tests  the  operational  scope  of  the  software to  be  developed.The  proposed  software   must  have  high  operational  feasibility.The  usability  will  be  high.


Technical  Feasibility

The technical   feasibility  study  compares  the  level  of technology   available  in  the  software  development   firm  and  the  level of technology  required  for the  development  of   the  product.Here  the  level   of technology  consists   of  the  programming   language,  the  hardware    resources, Other  software  tools   etc.


Economic   Feasibility

The  economic  feasibility    study  evaluate  the  cost  of  the software  development  against  the  ultimate  income  or  benefits  gets  from  the developed   system.There  must  be  scopes  for  profit  after  the  successful Completion  of  the  project.


When the feasibility study suggest that the project being considered is feasible operationally, technically and economically. This gives a  a green signal  that the problem is worth solving and can proceed  with the project .